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Clean Air Initiatives

In 2017, KKl-JNF partnered with the Israeli Ministry of Environmental protection to reduce pollution, improve air quality, and the quality of life for Israeli residents. The initiative, which is aptly named ‘Easy to Breathe’, has partnered with government and non-government organizations to focus on four main projects that have a collective budget of NIS 390 million.

Israel began their clean air initiatives by encouraging taxi drivers and bus companies to switch to hybrid and electric vehicles. The financial incentives have seen more than 62 electric buses purchased, and increased imports of ‘green’ rated vehicles. Particle filters on garbage trucks and electric car ride-shares have also been implemented.

Other initiatives include NIS 77 million allocated to 34 municipalities to install solar panels on public buildings, and the installation of energy-saving air conditioning and lighting systems in streets and public buildings. This project alone will reduce 60 000 tons of greenhouse gases every year. Millions of shekels have also been given to municipalities which have a low socio-economic rating to assist in the development of solar power generation and thus reducing the cost of electricity to residents.

16 municipalities have received additional funding to restore local housing projects, install photovoltaic panels, energy efficient lighting, shading and automatic irrigation systems. The municipalities have committed to rehabilitate and maintain open areas for the next ten years- thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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