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The South African Memorial Forest in Israel

The memorial site was originally constructed in 1986 in the heart of a forest dedicated to the friendship between South Africa and Israel. The current project involved restoring the remarkable stone monument and memorial wall, with the updated names of the fallen.

Behind every name on the memorial wall is the life story of someone who fell, and a family that grieves. The connection with KKL-JNF in Israel and in South Africa allows us to salute our sons and daughters. It is in their merit that we are able to realize the Zionist dream. We have come here not only to remember their sacrifices but also to celebrate their lives.

During the War of Independence, more than 800 machal volunteers came to Israel from South Africa in order to take part in the war effort, a large number in proportion to the community's size. There are about 20,000 people living in Israel today who emigrated from South Africa, and there are about 80,000 Jews still living in South Africa.

It is important for us to foster and preserve the connection between the members of our communities. We have a shared history and culture, and it is our hope that the younger generation will safeguard their roots and know their past.

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