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Victor Daitz Eco Learning Centre

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

The Jewish National Fund - Victor Daitz Eco Learning Centre in Hammarsdale Kwa ZuluNatal is a replica of the JNF WSEC project in Mamelodi but on a smaller scale. The mandate is to bring young learners from the schools in the area for experiential learning about the environment, and to align this to their school curriculum. The partners managing this successful enterprise include the JNF, ‘The City’ through Durban Solid Waste and the Department of Education. The centre has enhanced the City and won a “Beautiful City Prize”, and is a member of the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa. The centre also offers workshop facilities to Food and Trees for Africa. One of the most positive outcomes of this facility is our relationship with the wider local community. Gardens are beginning to proliferate in private homes, clinics and school as the community takes an active interest in the centre’s benefits.

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